Avon First Look / Focus Brochure

Are you looking for Avon’s First Look Brochure? Let’s take a look at where to find it.

Our well-loved “First Look” brochure has evolved into something even better – meet the “Focus Magazine.” As of January 2024, this revamped version is not just a name change; it’s a whole new way to explore what’s coming up at Avon.

 Just like with the First Look Brochure, you get the first glimpse of new products before anyone else, with the added perk of nabbing them at a discount – on some products we’re talking 30% and up to 40% discount for our Platinum and VIP Reps.

“Focus Magazine” is now available as a PDF download so you can save and browse at your leisure and  you’ll now get a physical copy with your first order each month.

It’s all about making things easier and more accessible for Avon’s Reps.

Staying updated is a breeze. The latest issue of “Focus Magazine” is always just a click away, available at the link below. 

Remember, every campaign brings you a free digital copy of the brochure, packed with exclusive products, offers, samples, and tools. Plus, the paper copy comes right along with your first order of the month. So, stay tuned and stay in the know about what’s coming soon!

Avon First Look / Focus Magazine FAQ

Where can I find Avon First Look / Focus Brochure

You can find Avon’s First Look Brochure / Focus Magazine here

What is ‘Avon Focus Magazine’?

Focus Magazine” is the new, upgraded version of our “First Look” brochure. Launched in January 2024, it offers a fresh and dynamic way for Avon Reps to discover upcoming products and trends.

How is ‘Focus Magazine’ different from the ‘Avon First Look’ brochure?

While maintaining the essence of the “First Look” brochure, “Focus Magazine” brings more to the table. It offers an enhanced digital experience with a downloadable PDF format, making it easier to browse anytime, anywhere. Plus, you’ll receive a physical copy with your first monthly order.

Are there any discounts available through ‘Avon Focus Magazine’?

Absolutely! “Focus Magazine” continues the tradition of offering exclusive discounts on new products. Avon Reps can enjoy discounts of up to 30%, and Platinum and VIP Reps can save even more with up to 40% off on select items.

How can I access ‘Focus Magazine’ / Avon First Look?

ccessing “Focus Magazine” is super easy. The latest issue is always available online with just a click at the provided link. You can download it as a PDF to view at your convenience.

Will I receive a physical copy of First Look / ‘Focus Magazine’?

Yes, you will. In addition to the digital version, you’ll receive a physical copy of “Focus Magazine” with your first Avon order each month.

What can I expect to find in ‘Focus Magazine’?

“Focus Magazine” is packed with exciting content. You’ll find exclusive previews of new products, special offers, samples, and tools, all curated to enhance your Avon experience.

How often is ‘Focus Magazine’ published?

“Focus Magazine” is released with every new Avon campaign. So, there’s always something fresh and exciting to look forward to regularly.