How to Sell Avon

How to Start Selling Avon

Become part of an award winning team, supported by top sellers who will support you to grow your business your way.

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How do You Sell Avon?

How does Selling Avon Work?

There are so many ways to sell Avon’s award winning beauty products. Whether it’s online, through social media or with our paper brochures door-to-door or online brochures, you’ll find a way that’s right for you. Fitting Avon around your lifestyle and spending as little or much time as you like. 

Do I have an Avon Territory Assigned to me?

You are free to sell where you like as long as you follow the etiquette guide. Avon Reps used to have territory assigned to them but this is no longer the case and you are free to sell where you like – this includes online.

Do I have sales targets to meet with Avon?

No, with Avon you can keep it small or grow as big as you like. There is no requirement to buy / sell a minimum amount of products every campaign.

How does Avon commission work?

When you sell Avon you earn 15- 30% commission based on the total value of your order.

How much can I earn with Avon?

Everyone’s business and goals are different. From selling Avon products you can earn up to 30%. To earn £25 a week you would need to sell £100 per week. To earn £100 a week you would need to sell £400 per week. Another way to earn with Avon is through sales leadership where you earn through helping other reps build their businesses.

How does Avon Pay You?

When selling door-to-door you charge the customer the full brochure price and pay Avon your discounted price and you keep the difference.

When a customer orders through your personal online store, they pay Avon the full price and you receive the commission into your Rep account. If your account is in credit you can have this paid into your bank account every week, or it will be used to reduce the total of your Avon bill.

If you buy stock to sell online e.g. on eBay or Facebook Marketplace or on market stall / pop up shop you would order your stock at your discounted price and then choose what price to sell at.

What Support do You Get When You Join Avon?

We are Carolyn & Tim, Avon Reps & Team Leaders.

When we joined Avon almost 2 years ago, we could never have imagined our business would have grown as much as it has.  

We don’t just talk the talk, we sell a lot of Avon products ourselves. In 2020 Tim was ranked 20th in the UK for the volume of Avon products he sold personally. In 2021 he’s currently in 11th position so far this year.

So we are in a great position to know what is possible and to support you to reach your goals (whatever they may be and however you want to run your business).

When you choose to join Avon with us you are choosing to join an award winning team with many reps in the top 100 Avon sellers in the UK based on their own personal sales volume.

We’ll welcome you into an exclusive community where you can get the inspiration and support you need to reach your goals. You can have as much or little support as you want. If you want we can help you get started with a personal plan for building a business that suits you, we can check in with you and motivate you to stay on track. But we know that some reps don’t want this support and want to work alone. This is fine, just know that we’ll be there for you to reach out to if you need. 

Does Avon Give you any Training?

Avon themselves have an info packed learning hub full of training material. They also run training webinars on various aspects of running your business. As well as their online training they also run various events in the real world around the country. The Rep Success Academy tours the country offering a day of in person training and networking.

The Avon learning hub also has a totally optional 90 day plan that will take you from the basics of getting up and running at the beginning to expanding your business and online selling.

By joining with Reps Anywhere you also unlock access to exclusive training and support on growing your Avon business online selling on Amazon, eBay as well as access to exclusive Facebook groups with very supportive communities.

What costs are Involved with Selling Avon?

When you join you will need to order a starter kit, currently the basic kit is £10. You have 13 days to pay for it. This comes with the essentials you need to get your business up and running such as brochures, order forms, brochure bags. If you sell door-to-door using paper brochures you will need to buy brochures every month. You can reuse your brochures and the more you buy the cheaper the cost per brochure. If you will ask customers to leave brochures outside for you, you will need brochure bags which can be reused time and time again. Your first 2 orders over £30 per campaign is free and then every order after that of over £30 is £1.50 for delivery. You can also buy samples if you want, but you do not need these, especially when you are just starting out.

Is Avon Easy?

Selling Avon is simple, but you will need to put the work in to grow your customers and earnings. Your business won’t be an overnight success with no effort, but with consistency you can grow your earnings over time.