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Avon Shops Near Me

Have you heard? Avon is embracing an exciting new chapter in the UK, expanding its presence into the high street. Use our handy map to see the location of all known stores selling Avon in the UK.

Avon in Superdrug

You can now buy a limited range of Avon products in 100 Superdrug stores nationwide since October 11, 2023. This partnership marks Avon’s first foray into high street retail outlets., 

Avon Shops Opening in the UK

Complementing this, Avon is launching ‘mini beauty boutiques’ across the UK. These Avon shops, set to open in neighborhood communities, offer a curated selection of Avon products, diverging from the traditional high street store format. This strategic expansion offers customers the opportunity to browse and buy in person but also opens new opportunities for Avon representatives. The concept proved successful when Avon tested it in Turkey.

Open Your Own Avon Outlet

Avon’s journey into physical retail in the UK is an exciting opportunity for local businesses interested in joining the Avon community. Whether you’re thinking about a full-fledged Avon corner in your shop or a smaller selection of products we will guide you through the process. 

If you own a business and would like to chat about adding Avon products to your offerings get in touch with info@repsanywhere.co.uk 

This is your chance to be part of a globally recognized brand with a rich heritage in beauty and personal care.

How can I find an Avon shop near me in the UK?

To locate an Avon shop near you in the UK, you can use our map to search for your local outlet stocking Avon products.

Are there Avon outlets in the UK?

Avon does not operate traditional outlet stores. However, their products are now available in physical retail spaces, including Superdrug stores across the UK,

When did Avon products start being available in Superdrug stores?

Avon products became available in Superdrug stores across the UK from October 11, 2023. This partnership initially brought over 150 Avon products to 100 Superdrug stores and online

What types of products are being sold in Superdrug stores under the Avon brand?

The Avon products available in Superdrug stores include a limited range of products such as serums, foundations, lip oils, and moisturizers. The full range is still available in the brochure https://online.shopwithmyrep.co.uk/avon/brochures

Has Avon tried this retail store model in other countries?

Yes, Avon first piloted this franchise store model in Turkey nearly three years ago, where it has been successful. The company plans to replicate this model in other international markets, including Brazil and South Africa.