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Joining the right team won't guarantee your success, but we like to think that we can help you find the right path and give you a head start. You'll get as much or as little support as you need from some of the top selling Avon reps in the UK.

You're in good company

We are Carolyn & Tim, Avon Reps & Team Leaders.

When we joined Avon almost 2 years ago, we could never have imagined our business would have grown as much as it has.  

When you choose to join Avon with us you are choosing to join an award winning team with many reps in the top 100 Avon sellers in the UK based on their own personal sales volume.

We’ll welcome you into an exclusive community where you can get the inspiration and support you need to reach your goals.



We don’t just talk the talk, we sell a lot of Avon products ourselves. In 2021 Tim was ranked 8th in the UK for the volume of Avon products he sold personally and Carolyn ranked in the top 70 reps.

So we are in a great position to know what is possible and to support you to reach your goals (whatever they may be and however you want to run your business).

We support the way you want to work

With Avon you can run your business your way, there are no limitations on how or where you can sell. 

We believe that we’ve tried most ways and found what works best for us. 

So we can help you work out which ways of selling Avon will work around your life and commitments. 

Why We Love Avon

UK Household Name

In 2019 Avon Cosmetics celebrated 60 years in the UK. Avon is a household name with award winning products and customers who love the brand. Avon’s affordable product ranges are particularly popular at the moment with many new customers looking for cheaper alternatives for their current skincare and makeup and they are giving Avon’s award winning products a try.

The Brochure Does the Selling

60 years in the UK and the Avon brochure is still going strong as the most popular way for customers to shop. They just love a cuppa and a browse.

Earn a little extra or grow your business into a full time income

Earn at least 15% commission on every order. The more you sell, the more commission you can earn up to 32% . There are no targets to meet – it's your business and your goals. Regular Incentives – such as cash bonuses, free products, holidays

You’re not tied in

If it’s not for you, no hard feelings, you’re welcome to leave whenever you want. Unlike some direct selling opportunities you don’t have to place an order every month to keep your account open and there are no ongoing fees to pay.

Work from Home

Running your Avon business totally online has never been simpler. Commission from online sales is paid every week into your bank account– no min payout Share your free online Avon store and digital brochures with your customers. They can order round the clock and Avon will deliver direct to their door.

Freedom to Run Your Business Your Way

Unlike some direct sales opportunities there are no limitations on how or where you can sell Avon, so you can truly build your business your way

Affordable to Start

Start your Avon business from £9, with our choice of starter kits to suit your needs. No upfront costs to join – you have 13 days to pay for your starter kit.

No idea where to start? No problem.

The Avon Connect training portal has a range of training, from quick guides to in depth training on how to get started earning online or offline. We’ll also help you personally to get going and plan a business that works for you.

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FAQ About Avon

We joined Avon because we can sell ANYWHERE door to door, online, social media, eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace – wherever you can imagine, any time any place anywhere.

With so many different ways to run your business you can find a way to suit you. 

We have tried most ways of selling ourselves so can support you to find your right mix.

There is no need to do any selling online.

You can run a totally brochure based business if you wish offering a door to door service using Avon’s famous catalogues.

It is estimated that in the UK 1 in 3 people who would like to see an Avon brochure do not have an Avon rep and are not seeing a monthly brochure.

A bit of advice that we give new reps is to let the customer choose how they would like to order. Even if you don’t want to find customers online you can find an online customer with a brochure. All you have to do is add your store link. That way you are appealing to customers who want the personal service and customers who prefer to order online.

Yes, you do not need to sell Avon door to door (offline). Many reps are successfully selling exclusively online.

Online the options are endless – using social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc , market places sites like eBay, Shpock, Amazon, Gumtree, advertising online – these are just some of the ways that Avon reps find customers.

If you’re not sure where to start don’t worry as Avon runs regular training covering various ways to earn online. You will also get support from us and the exclusive community to help you discover which ways of selling will work for you.

Avon Reps earn between 15% and 32% commission from their sales.

We can’t really say how much an Avon rep makes as some reps do Avon part time for a little bit of extra money, for some it is their full time business so it wouldn’t be an indication of what you would make.

But generally how much they earn is down to their reasons for joining Avon and how much they have chosen to grow their business.

Simply put the more time they put into building up their Avon business then the more customers they have and the more orders they will receive. This is the same if you are selling online or offline. 

Avon UK 2022 Commission Levels

Your Avon commission level is based on your sales each quarter (every 3 months).

Here are the commission levels:

15% – for sales between 1p and £249 per quarter

20% – for sales between £250 and £549 per quarter

25% – for sales between £550 and £1299 per quarter

30% – for sales between £1,300 and £3499 per quarter

32% for sales over £3500 per quarter

With Avon you are running your own business so you do not get paid an hourly wage. You earn commission for selling Avon, and the more you sell each month the higher commission rate. Everyone starts at 15% and can earn up to 30%.

There are 3 different ways you to get paid from Avon.

From door to door brochure sales – when you sell door to door you would usually order the products from Avon and collect payment from your customer on delivery. You then only pay Avon the rep price and you keep the difference between the two. For example if your customers’ orders come to £100 you would be on 20% commission so you collect the £100 from your customers and pay Avon £80 for the products, the £20 left over is your commission.

For online sales: when a customer orders online any commission from their orders is paid out weekly into your chosen bank account. 

Sales Leader commission: If you have built a team and earned commission this is paid monthly into your chosen bank account.

Absolutely not.

You can earn from Avon purely by selling products. In fact the majority of reps do this.

If (and only if) you want to, you can choose to become a sales leader and grow your own team. This involves supporting new Avon reps to grow their business. As a reward for helping them grow you can earn commission from their sales as well as your own.

Yes, in the UK there are no restrictions on where you can sell Avon products so you can sell on eBay and Amazon. This is one of the ways we sell and if you are interested in this we can help you understand how this works.

If you are not in the UK please check with your locally as this varies country to country.

That’s down to you. It also depends on what you want to get out of it. Some reps join to earn a little bit of extra money to pay for treats, while others join because they want to create a full time income.

Reps who are looking to earn a little extra money often find that sharing brochures with friends, family and their street is enough to reach their goal.

If you want to create a full time income that is possible, but it won’t happen overnight. Treat it like a business, put the work in and find a way that works for you and there is no reason you can’t.

We’ve been doing Avon for around 2 years now and have grown our business to the point that Tim is currently one of the top selling reps in the UK, but we have put the work in to get there.

You can start your Avon business  from £9.

There are two starter kits to choose from. Whichever one you choose you have 13 days to pay for your starter kit and many new reps earn enough to pay for their kit in their first month.


We are Carolyn & Tim, Avon Reps & Team Leaders.

When we joined Avon almost 2 years ago, we could never have imagined our business would have grown as much as it has.  

When you choose to join Avon with us you are choosing to join an award winning team with many reps in the top 100 Avon sellers in the UK based on their own personal sales volume.

We’ll welcome you into an exclusive community where you can get the inspiration and support you need to reach your goals. You can have as much or little support as you want. If you want we can help you get started with a personal plan for building a business that suits you, we can check in with you and motivate you to stay on track. But we know that some reps don’t want this support and want to work alone. This is fine, just know that we’ll be there for you to reach out to if you need. 

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