Join Other Savvy Avon Customers & save 15% off every order.

Avon fans are discovering the benefits of joining Avon to shop for themselves and get at least 15% off every order as well as access to exclusive offers and new products before they are available for general sale.

In the past you would have had to place a large order to get any discount but a recent change in the way Avon works means that all orders now get at least a 15% discount. 


How much can I save?

Your discount is based on how much you spend in a month. Your discount rate is also carried over to the next month, so if you spend £100 in May you would qualify for 20% off in May. That 20% discount is carried over to June, even if you only spend £30.

You also get 13 days to pay for your Avon order – handy at Christmas time or if you are also shopping for your family.

Is it right for me?

How much do you usually spend on Avon products and how often?

If you would usually spend at least £30 a few times a year then you will save, and the more you spend, the more you save.

The reason I mention a £30 spend is that you get 2 free deliveries per month when you spend £30 or more, otherwise you would have to pay postage which eats into any savings.

Based on a 15% discount for a £30 order you would pay £25.50 (a saving of £4.50). 

Let’s look at some examples:

Order ValueDiscountSavingYou Pay

How much do I need to spend?

You will get a discount from the first £1 you spend, so there is no real minimum spend needed (OK technically you could spend 99p, pay postage and not get a discount). You just order what you want there is no minimum monthly spend needed to keep your account open.

How Often do I need to Order?

You don’t need to order that regularly either. Though this account will be of most benefit to customers who do order regularly as they will see the biggest savings. If you don’t order for 3 months your account will switch to dormant. All this means is that when you want to place your next order you just have to click “reactivate” when you log in – there is no cost involved in reactivating your account. If you don’t order in 12 months your account will be closed and you would have to rejoin if you wanted to use it. But, if you only usually order Avon products less than once a year, you probably won’t be reading this.

Get more than a discount

Grab new products before they launch at discounted prices.

The First Look Brochure showcases products that will be launching in the future as well as old favourites that will be featured in the next brochure and allows reps to get hold of them at a discount. You pay the Demo price which is already discounted (usually by about 25%). Quantities are limited to 1 of each item per order.

Shop the Exclusive Clearance Outlet

The Outlet is updated every month with a new selection of products. Often these products are no longer available for the public to buy from the website or the paper brochure and many are discontinued. The price you see is the price you pay (it has already been discounted).

Check out the Exclusive Hot Buys

You’ll see these special offers as you are placing an order. The price you see here is the price you pay as it is already discounted. Click “order” to see what’s included in the pack. The Hot Buys offers are usually offers on bundles of products.


Choose from our 2 amazing welcome offers when you open your account.

Welcome Product

Choose a Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Perfectly Nude £10

Ultimate Bundle

You can choose this fab bundle of products that is worth over £90 for just £30 

How do I get the discount

You can open your account completely online.

You simply arrange a time for us to manually activate your account with you then fill in an easy application form. 

This is really quick,  show us photo ID and proof of address over Zoom or WhatsApp and we activate your account while you are on the call.

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