Which 140 Products are Cheaper in April’s Avon Brochure?

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Our Top 10 Price Drops

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The biggest reduction this month is on some of the Fashion Face Masks which are £1.50 each from £4.

I’d say the most popular drops will be these on perfumes and aftershaves, many have dropped to £7 or £8 from £10 / £11 (except the Far Away range which is back at £11 a bottle – but you can buy them in a bundle with a body lotion for £10).

The Avon mark. Loose Powder Foundations are back down to £5.50 which I know will make a lot pf people happy and there are also some good reductions on bras.

Loads of products have returned as clearance items but as the price drops research only compare to the last brochure most of the clearance products aren’t included, I’d recommend taking a look as there are lots of products in there that I had through had gone for good, so worth a peak.

Why not have a quick glance and see if your favourites have dropped in price.

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