Avon Brochure March 2021

Avon have made some huge improvements to the online brochures and have moved the website so that they can focus on filling the new site with their whole range and their best offers.

115 Product ranges are cheaper in March

The fab 5 for £5 mix and match offer makes up a lot of the price drops this month. This offer is live now on the website but not advertised so take a look at the drops to see which products are £1 – once you’ve added 5 items in the offer to your basket the discount will be applied. 

Glimmerstick eyeliners and brow definers have also dropped.

Why not have a quick glance and see if your favourites have dropped in price.

(We produce this info exclusively for our customers, you won’t find it anywhere else.)

^^Make sure you click the button and check them out RIGHT NOW… it self destructs in a few days. I’m joking, but the best deals do go out of stock. ^^

 You can also grab a copy of March’s 2021 Avon brochure here