How To

 Why become an Avon Representative?

Let’s take a quick look at what Avon has to offer and why right now is a great time to start your beauty business and join Avon.

If you like what you see and you’re ready to start earning with the freedom and the flexibility to work around your lifestyle, or if you just wanna chat with somebody to learn more book yourself a quick chat.

How does Avon work? How do you sell and Make Money with Avon?

When you’re Avon representative, there is no nine to five. You can choose the hours that you want to work, where you want to work, and how you want to work. It’s your beauty business and you can run it your way, giving you maximum flexibility. 

You can share avon’s iconic paper brochures with your friends, family, work colleagues, or potential new customers in your neighborhood or community, and you can make a few new friends along the way.

You can also share Avon’s digital brochure or your own personal online store straight from your phone. That means that you can reach friends and family, and customers anywhere in the UK and Avon will take care of the delivery. It’s your business your way, and whether you share the paper brochures or the digital brochures or both, you’ll earn commission on every product that you sell.

People join Avon for many reasons. They may wanna buy Avon products for themselves and family at a discount. They may want to earn a little bit of extra money to treat the family. They may wanna go even bigger and save for a family holiday. They may wanna drop down their hours at work, replace a part-time job, or even build a full-time income.

Now with Avon, you choose your own path. There’s no targets to meet and nobody tells you what hours you have to work.

Training & Support

Whatever you wanna get outta becoming an Avon rep, you will have the tools, the training, and the support that you need to start growing your business and your earnings. Avon Connect is Avon’s free learning platform and it is brimming with all kinds of training. For example, how to use the products. How to set up social media and how to find new customers. You even have the option to become a certified beauty advisor with an accredited certificate at the end. 

Avon Social can help you create a schedule of a week’s worth of social media content, linking it directly to your online store in minutes, helping you grow your online business. And you’ll also have personal assistance from one of the Reps Anywhere team who will be there to help you get started on your journey and support you every single step of the way.

Why now’s a great time to Join Avon

Avon is a household name in the UK and there are many potential customers out there who love the products, but they don’t currently get to see a brochure, and we all know about the cost of living crisis. And now with that, many people are looking for more affordable alternatives to their premium branded skincare and their beauty products.

So with Avon, you can introduce them to these premium quality products and irresistible value and encourage them to switch, save, and be amazed. It’s an ideal time to join Avon, as you’ve now got this whole new audience that you can reach out to as well as existing Avon lovers who love the products, but that don’t currently have an Avon rep.

Is Avon right for you?

Now you know more about Avon’s flexibility online and offline tools, it’s your turn. Take a moment and think about how Avon could work for you. What difference could being an Avon rep make to your life?

With Avon, you’ll earn commission on every single product you sell. It’s an unlimited earning opportunity. 

When you’re in control of your working hours. You’ll never have to miss out on picking up your kids from school or dinner with friends, and you can even work it around other commitments too.

It really is all about what works for you and your lifestyle

How to Join Avon

If you think that Avon sounds like a good fit for you and you’re ready to start earning with the freedom and flexibility to work around your lifestyle. Or if you just wanna chat with somebody to learn more, book yourself a quick chat and one of the Reps Anywhere. Team will be able to answer all your questions, help you get started on your Avon journey, and support you every single step of the way.

If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to be an Avon rep, get in touch or check out our YouTube Channel