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Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Join Avon

Being an Avon Rep can be a great way to earn on your terms.

I’m going to share 7 things that I see new reps doing that make it much harder for them to get what they want out of Avon.

I’m Carolyn and I’ve been an Avon representative for around 5 years now and have been in the top 100 UK sellers for the past 2 and I also support others to build their own successful Avon businesses

Maximise Your Avon Earnings

With Avon you earn commission from the first £1 you sell. But if you sell less than £70 a month there isn’t going to be much room for profit once you’ve taken off the cost of brochures as you’ll only receive a 10% discount. 

Sell over £70 and you’ll get a 20% discount. That’s only 6 customers spending £12 with you each month. You can get up to 30% discount during your first 3 months as an Avon rep (and up to 32% after 3 months). So make sure you understand where the cut off for each discount level is and aim for the level you’ll be happy with.

Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

Stocking up on samples and products on special offer can be very tempting but you don’t need to. With Avon there is no need to hold a stock of products, you only need to order the products your customers have ordered.

And while samples can be a great tool they are not essential, especially when you’re just starting out. 

If you want to invest money into your business to help it grow, simply buy more brochures.

Now you’ve got access to products you love at a discount it is so easy to pop these onto your order and treat yourself. Of course you can buy products for yourself  but keep track of what you have spent. When you’re working out how much profit you’ve made it is so easy to forget these costs or only include some of them and it will look like you’ve made less profit than you have.

Get Enough Avon Brochures to Grow

Not getting enough brochures – if you plan on running your business door to door with brochures only getting a handful of brochures is a great way to get really slow or no progress. 

As much as I love Avon products, if you only get 10 brochures and put those brochures through 10 letterboxes in your neighborhood how likely do you think it is that someone will want to order.

Sure you might strike it lucky but realistically you might not get an order from those 10 households. 

Even if you collect those brochures in and redistribute them to more households and you do that again and again it is still going to take so long to grow your customer base. 

And the longer it takes to get customers the more disappointed you’ll feel with your business.

During your first 3 months with Avon you can currently buy 60 brochures for £10.50.

This will help you reach more customers and you’ll be getting a far better price per brochure than when you buy less. You can order brochures at any time in the month and if you only order brochures and nothing else then delivery is free – no matter what the value of your order, so you don’t need to wait till you are placing your customers order to get them.

Choose a Supportive Sales Leader & Team

Joining a team with no support. When you join Avon you will be part of a team which has a team leader like me in Avon we call them Sales Leader. Like Avon representatives, Sales leaders are self employed. There are some really great team leaders who will give you the support you need and there are others who unfortunately aren’t as helpful.

If you apply to Avon directly your sales leader will be automatically chosen for you and it will be luck of the draw whether you get the support you need. And once they have been assigned to you you can’t change them. The other way to join Avon is by choosing your sales leader before you sign up and joining with them. This way you can look for a sales leader who you like, could work with and who will help you get what you want out of Avon.

If you would like to join Avon as part of the Reps Anywhere team and work with me feel free to get in touch.

Don’t Hand Over Products Before Payment

Handing products over to a customer before they’ve paid you. No matter how lovely the customer, never leave an order with a customer with a promise that they’ll pay you later. If they don’t pay, you still have to pay Avon for those products. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Keep Your Finances Separated

Not keeping your money and your Avon money separate – when you get payment from a customer keep that money separate from your own. It is so easy to lose track and accidentally spend money that you’ll need to pay your Avon balance.